Then he tells you ” I like to dress up as a woman,” and the journey begins. It feels like your whole world is falling apart! Then there are the questions, the concerns, the judgement, and the desire to run away. Thus, what do you do with this information? Who do you tell? How crazy is this? What will people say? What will they say about me? Why can’t this just be a normal relationship!

Well, that’s how the story began. And you have the unique opportunity to see how this journey has progressed from fear and uncertaincy to understanding and acceptance. Creating a healthy transgendered relationship based on the deepest level of respect, is an incredulous journey, indeed!

Join Dr’s Jeanette Bevilacqua and Arthur “Alycia” Ellison as they openly share their journey of determination to create a healthy and harmonious relationship-despite the challenges. Relationships issues come in all shapes and sizes and the lessons learned here are applicable to a wide variety of Relationship issues. Take charge of your challenges and enjoy the Incredible rewards of your effort. Then you realize that your journey is just that, your journey!! Trust the process.

ISBN-13: 9781491763827