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What does stress have to do with it?

  The word “stress” is commonly used and broadly defined. Stress is often considered a feeling of being overwhelmed or tired from many interests and concerns. Specifically it is defined as an “…emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological and behavioral changes."(Baum 1990) Thus when a lapse of emotional stability occurs, stress in one’s life [...]

What does stress have to do with it?2017-06-12T18:26:35+00:00

Tenuous Ties; A Transgendered Couples Journey

  Then he tells you " I like to dress up as a woman," and the journey begins. It feels like your whole world is falling apart! Then there are the questions, the concerns, the judgement, and the desire to run away. Thus, what do you do with this information? Who do you tell? How [...]

Tenuous Ties; A Transgendered Couples Journey2024-06-12T23:39:50+00:00

The Role of Trauma: What Happened to You?

    All too often, we experience an event or events that is traumatizing to our well-being.  Being a physical survivor of abuse, combat or a natural disaster does not always mean we survive emotionally as well. We can view ourselves and our world in negative light. We may often feel like the trauma is [...]

The Role of Trauma: What Happened to You?2017-06-12T18:21:15+00:00

What is ECT and how does it work?

  ECT is recommended for serious depression, some forms of bipolar states, schizophrenia that has affective mood symptoms, and catatonia. ECT is effective in 80-90 percent of the cases. Typically, ECT is administered after medication treatment has failed, or due to the inability to tolerate the side effects of medications. However, ECT should be considered [...]

What is ECT and how does it work?2017-06-12T18:14:23+00:00
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