Telehealth Introduction by Patricia Coccoma, Ed.D, LCSW

The purpose of Telehealth/Teletherapy is to provide the patient with a secured, HIPPA compliant live video psychotherapy session with your therapist when face to face sessions are not possible. I am offering this service to new or established patients who seek to address ongoing issues or concerns that are identified as challenging to their well-being.

So, should you be interested in this service, give it some thought and you can make an appointment to see me. Either calling the office in Fort Myers, reception desk or when you are at the office you can make an appointment when you are at the reception desk. Once you have scheduled an appointment, I will be in touch via email with some additional information that is helpful to get you started with  Thank you.

Teletherapy via

The platform where the sessions occur is called It is a web based, HIPPA compliant platform that allows us to meet for a therapy session in the privacy of your own space be in at home, your office or your car. There are no downloads, no recording, no storage in a cloud as it is a secured real time video connection. One can use either their desktop computer, tablet or smartphone to access Doxy. me and their session. In addition to your device, you need an internet connection and use either Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browser. That’s it!

How to use